The Knights of Columbus Squires are seeking new members. 
 To be eligible to become a Squire, one must be a Roman Catholic male, between the ages of ten and eighteen. One should also display qualities of leadership and Christly devotion.The Columbian Squires is a great way for young men to give back to one’s community through acts of community service and response to Christian morals. Within our circle, we will diligently work to participate and conduct different events that will benefit our communities. To become a member of our circle, please contact us by visiting our website (see contact tab)

We are also currently organizing a Squire Rose Circle-More information coming soon! 

St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church

555 Prospect Avenue, Ridgefield NJ 07657
Rectory: (201) 945-3500
Fax: (201) 945-3796
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.